Health Professionals

If you’re a Health Professional looking for more information regarding Sweet’N Low®, please check out our Health Professionals page where you can find patient education information, a sample request form and more!

Research and Safety Spotlight

Saccharin, the primary sweetener in Sweet’N Low®, has been consumed safely by humans for more than 125 years and has the longest safety record for human consumption among non-nutritive sweeteners. Extensive research on humans conducted by reputable, third-party sources in the scientific community have proven the sweetener's safety. See what the scientific community has to say:

(see section 3.1.5 ‘Saccharin’ on pages 17-19 of the report)

Health & Wellness Efforts

Cumberland Packing Corp. believes in a holistic, balanced approach to wellness that includes eating right, leading an active lifestyle, and enjoying life. Our mission is to provide high-quality foods that help our customers and consumers achieve their wellness goals.

As a family-owned and -operated business with close to 60 years in the food industry, Cumberland Packing Corp. understands the important role that food plays in our lives – not only from a nutritional aspect, but also from a social one. Food brings people together and is often the catalyst to creating lasting memories. And we’re proud to be a part of those special moments. We believe that food is meant to be enjoyed, yet moderation is paramount for well-being. Balance is at the core of a healthy lifestyle and, as such, should be achieved through mindful consumption of a variety of foods and beverages, and physical activity.

With growing obesity rates in the US and around the globe, as a food manufacturer we recognize the responsibility we share in offering products that help people achieve their wellness goals. We are proud to offer a wide range of formats and sizes of Sweet’N Low®, including single-serve sachets which allow for portion control. Our Sweet’N Low® products provide consumers a substitute for the refined sugar they might otherwise consume, helping millions of people manage their weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart diseases, and diabetes.

Additionally, we support organizations that are aligned with our mission. We are a charter member of the 50+ year-old Calorie Control Council, whose motto is “Healthy Eating and Exercise for Life ™” and whose mission is to help promote products which facilitate weight management and educate consumers about the importance of both diet and physical activity. We have a long history of sponsoring local youth and professional sports teams and, in recent years, have begun to expand our support for youth sports organizations nationally. We will continue to align ourselves with and support programs and organizations that promote active lifestyles.

Gluten Free
100% of our products are safe for people with celiac disease. None of our products contain gluten, nor do they come into contact with glutenous products such as wheat during their manufacture.

Free of Trans Fats and PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils)
100% of our products are free of trans fats and PHOs.

Weight, Diabetes and Glycemic Management
All Sweet’N Low® products are available in a packet format as an option for easy portion control** and are also zero-calorie (based on one serving) which permits a reduction in sugar intake without giving up sweet tastes.