What do the experts say?

Sweet’N Low® has been a trusted brand for close to 60 years and is used daily by millions around the world. Saccharin, the sweetening ingredient in Sweet’N Low, has been consumed safely for over 125 years and has the longest safety record for human consumption among non-nutritive sweeteners. Extensive research on humans conducted by reputable sources in the scientific community have proven the sweetener's safety.

See what the scientific community has to say: The American Cancer Society (look for ‘Saccharin’ section) National Cancer Institute World Health Organization (see section 3.1.5 ‘Saccharin’ on pages 17-19 of the report)

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Why do so many Sweet'N Low recipes contain sugar?

Sugar provides two important functions in baking in addition to sweetness -- volume and moisture. Our Sweet'N Low recipes are designed to produce baked goods that taste delicious and have the perfect texture.